The blurring of different worlds

Lately, I have been reading a lot about how technology is changing the way we live.

I live in a physical world and speak English. We all do. And we are happy, comfortable and look forward to meeting friends in the real world, or speaking on the phone.

Yet, this is not true of the younger generation.

Increasingly I find that today’s youngsters live in a digital world and speak the language of social media. They do this with the help of software that allows them to seamlessly connect with, and work alongside friends and colleagues who live in a different time zone. This generation wakes up with their device in the hand first, checking for updates first before doing anything else in the physical world.

For them, the digital world is the first port of call for everything they do – researching, shopping, identifying what they want to do in the next 24 hours. They are also happy to ‘digitally’ meet their friends and hangout together.  

Does this mean that we are not too far away from the blurring of these worlds? Does it also mean that professionals now need to deliver the ‘brand story’ in such a way that it can be available on demand on consumers’ devices when they want it? 

What can I expect next? Maybe I can learn the story of how the beautiful embroidered scarf was made, and the artisan’s name through video interface at the flick of a switch in my device when I do my shopping? Let’s hope so!

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

I found this plant languishing in a pot behind the garbage bin, and once I re-positioned it to get a bit more of the sun and added fresh compost, was treated to these lovely flowers. Called tiger lily, there are two bunches in bloom now.

Note the double petals special flower in the foreground!

Why this blog

As I grow older I find I really enjoy the little things in life. I also feel younger and more connected.

But, when I think about the past or indeed what I did yesterday, or last year I don’t always remember all the details.

This blog is really about capturing those details, my thoughts  and those fleeting feelings.

The small details, and the BIG picture. I plan to spend more time doing the things I really like – connecting with friends and family, and indulging in new hobbies…so why not share all this with you – read on….