The Escher Experience

Fastidious with the way he used technique, MC Escher’s work stretches your imagination of time and space.

I loved every bit of time I spent in Dulwich gallery last week.

The big learning for me was how much of preparation he puts into each and every piece of work. Each of his works are preceded by a study of the subject, a set of drawings on grid-paper, many different versions before he creates a master piece using either wood-cut or lithographs.

His images are fascinating – a combination of the real and the imaginary – stretching one’s imagination of the impossible!

FullSizeRender 2
Another World by MC Escher

In ‘Another World’, you feel you are looking into an ‘open cube’, but when you look closely, you can see the cube from different perspectives and all of them make sense!

It is fascinating how he has beautifully created a metamorphosis of everyday objects and shapes to create amazing stories through pictures.


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