There are well, many sides to me…

I really like visual arts. I find there’s beauty to be appreciated in everything around us – nature, architecture and even the everyday objects we see again and again.

I  have recently started dabbling in printmaking as I find this art form fascinating. It gets me to use both sides of my brain – the analytical and the creative. I am currently exploring symmetry in everything we see – nature and the beautiful architecture all around us.

Love following the world of business.

The world of work and how its changing: for those of us who started work in the days when there were no emails… to now – where nothing but ‘instant’ will do.

There are a few other sides…

I like to cook. I keep experimenting with new and quick ways of making food from different cuisines for all those interested to eat. Gardening and growing plants from seeds, learning about how seasons, soil, sun and patience nurture them from one season to the next. And, finally – there’s yoga which has helped me look more inward and find peace within me.

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